Driving PA Forward - Driver's Licenses for All

A driver’s license for all regardless of immigration status offers safety in the streets for everyone, a secure way for people to get to work, take their children to school, church and identify themselves to avoid deportation when stoped by the police.

Our coalition works in a collaborative manner. All orgs involved help fundraise for campaign work to pay for materials, interpretation, pay our statewide coordinator and all the expenses the campaign requires. All funds donated in this page will be used to cover the costs of winning Driver's Licenses for all regardeless of immigration status. We have an estimated budget of $100,000 per year. Help us win Driver’s License for all.

Here are some facts: At the Driving PA Forward Coalition we make sure that we center immigrant voices as well as incude allies to work together in order to fulfill the tasks this campaign requires. We organize quarterly statewide strategy retreats to evaluate, build and adjust our statwide work plan. In, 2019 we succesfully fundraised to hire our first Statewide Coalition Coordinator in order to build capacity. We have written a strong Driver's License bill to include strong data protections for everyone and we have connected with legislators to build bi-partisan support.

Every dollar donated in this page goes to:

  • Pay our statewide coalition coordinator's salary

  • Pay intepreters to make sure our spaces include Language Justice

  • Any extra funds will be used to pay for materials needed for our campaign


* Please note: Donations to this page are for the Driving PA Forward Coalition, not solely for NSM. As such, donor information is accesible to Coalition leadership. 

Thank you for your generosity!

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