Help me Sustain my Family in Sanctuary - Carmela Apolonio

We are so close to victory! “I am taking Sanctuary to fight for my family, to protest our deportation orders and the injustices of the immigration systems. Everybody deserves to live with dignity and safety,” Carmela Apolonio Hernandez.

Carmela fled violence and death threats back home, so with her 4 children decided to turn herself in at the border and request asylum in order to save their life. After following all legal procedures the family received a final order of deportation. The only way to save the life of her family was entering into Sanctuary which means living in a church without the ability to leave while with legal and organizing strategies finds a way to stay in this country legally. Carmela knocked on over 15 churches in New Jersey and Philadelphia until she found New Sanctuary Movement's door.

On December 13th, 2017, Carmela, Fidel, Keyri, Yoselin and Edwin took the prophetic and bold step to enter into Sanctuary at Church of the Advocate, a member congregation of New Sanctuary Movement of  Philadelphia. On December 2018 Church of the Advocate passed the torch to Germantown Mennonite Church where the family is currently living.

Please donate what you can to support Carmela and her children so they continue to push back and shed light on the violent racist deportation machine. By donating whatever you can you support Carmela and her family get a little closer to their freedom!

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