Driving PA Forward: Help Us Hire an Statewide Coordinator to win DL for All

We are an statewide coalition organizing to pass legislation for an standard drivers license for all regardless of immigration status. We need you to help us raise money to hire a statewide coordinator who will support the work of the Driving PA forward Coalition. We have fund-raised $27000 through individual efforts we are still over $25000 short to hire someone fulltime.
Goal $ 25000.00
0.6% towards our goal
$ 150.00 raised
$ 25.00
Kathy Makoid
$ 25.00
$ 25.00
$ 25.00
$ 25.00
Accessible driving licenses and valid identification for everyone is common sense policy. Keeping roads safer, economies healthy and families together

PUBLIC SAFETY:From policy makers to law enforcement, from farmers to faith communities, there is a consensus that roads and communities are safer when everyone behind the wheel has a license, insurance, and identification. A standard issue license is necessary to encourage all drivers in PA to obtain:
->Valid identification
->Proof of insurance
->Adequate knowledge of the rules and responsibilities when on the road

14 States (MD, IL, RI, VT, NM, UT, CO, NV, WA, CA, OR, DE, HI and NY) as well as Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. allow residents to obtain driver’s licenses regardless of immigration status. PA is committed to creating similar driver's license policy framework and language as seen in WA and NY.

+ Adding Not Subtracting +: The estimated 150-200K undocumented Pennsylvanians contribute around $139 M in taxes in PA annually. The first year of enacting proposed legislation could see between $2.76 M to $4.14 M in revenue from licensing fees alone, with a possible $2.36 to $3.54 M in subsequent years, far outpacing the cost of implementation.

Driver's Licenses Help Meet Basic Needs:The right to mobility is inscribed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Many other fundamental needs — to work, to education, and to human dignity — are only accessible via valid identification and adequate transportation. In 2014, nearly 300 people who were surveyed said that due to lack of a drivers license they have:
->Taken work with less pay or fewer hours (84%)
->Had to give up educational opportunities, a better school or a scholarship (74%)
->Had difficulty renting an apartment/house (81%)
->Feared losing a parent from driving without a license (67%) 

Prior to 2002, residents of PA were able to legally obtain a driver’s license with a Tax ID Number, or ITIN, a federally issued identifier. In 2009, PennDot cancelled the licenses of tens of thousands of Pennsylvanians who had obtained their licenses legally.

NOTE: Driver's Licenses alone is NOT: a voter registration, a pathway to citizenship or allows access to public benefits